Our History

Old People Welcome Function Felicitation & Elders 1992-2008

Shri Manbhai established Old Age Home to get the Old People proper respect, regard and support in the society. Now it has become self dependent and has been managed independently by the trustees since 1991.

Shri Manbhai started A Vanprasth Club - A Club of Old People -with an intention that the remaining life of the old age pass joyfully. One Old people Fair is convened every year. The Old Age Welcome Function is performed on nearby Labh Pancham sunday sponsored by Late Shri Nyalchandbhai Vakil Parivar. First the Elders are served with tea and breakfast in the memory of Late Shri D. M. Bhatt on behalf of his family, then Sarva Dharma Prayer and the expert's suggesstions on old age and health are arranged in the Hall. After then Songs, Bhajans by the old people are presented. Last one learned person's speech is presented on a subject how to make old age worth and take its maximum benefit.

Different types of gifts are presented to the Elders as memory of the function, the financial help is sponsored by Shashi Industries, Late Shri Ishwarbhai Padia Parivar, Shrimati Dahiben Hashmukbhai Patel, Shri Nishithbhai Mehta and Vaishnav Parivar.

Helping Implement for the Sick Arogya Ukala Parab 1960-200

Manbhai by small services to the hundreds of thousands of the children coming to play in campus has established his place in the hearts of the people of Bhavnagar.

Sickness in a family comes as natural as birth, but sickness for long time and some other serious sickness need some means and instruments unavoidably, like right from walking stick to wheelchair. These instruments are costly and every one can't afford them. Shishu vihar always gets ready to help such helpless families. At the time of illness, Water Bed, Water Bag, Supporting clutch, Wheel Chair, Walker stick, Kamod-chair, Bed-Pan, Urine pot etc. are made available free of charge in Shishu Vihar.

These aiding means in illness are given on nominal deposit, they are given to be returned in time, so that they do not lie unused in the home, and the other needy sick could have their advantage.

More than 400 needy benefit every year of Sanstha's regular service run under Shrimati Valima Premj ibhai Patel Sickness Helping Implements.

Besides, last many years fresh Ukala prepared from health promoting Ayurvedic Material has been made in Shishu Vihar, this Ukala is most benefitial to every one sick or healthy.

Bal Mandir Children drink this Ukala every morning with joy. It's surprising that none drinks it under pressure or compulsion. This Ukala Parab - Ukala Drinking Centre is open from 5-00 pm to 6-00 pm every evening. Till this day 180000 have taken the benefit of Shri Nishithbhai Mehta Arogya Ukala Parab.

Buddha Sabha : 1980-2008

A literary activity was started in Shishu Vihar campus from 1980 - Poets and writers gather by 7-00 pm to 8-00 pm every Wednesday Evening - where the local and the visiting poets present their poetic creations. the famous writers from outside are invited. This way an attempt is made to get human life well acquainted with art and literature.


Shri Takhtsinhji Parmar, an Ex-Principal of Samaldas College with a good intention for serving literature began this benevolent activity after his retirement, which till this day goes formally and regularly. The Sabha has no constitution, no chair holder for last many years, a poet is honoured every month. A present of flower-ring bouquet and memento was given by the Sanstha, at the same time the introduction of one living poet and one late poet is given along with their creations presented. The works and creations presented in Budh Sabha are collected in a yearly edition called Nirakshir and is then published. To enthuse and inspire the women poets Late Shri Bhagirathiben Smriti Kavi Sammelan is planned every year. It has been carried on for last 14 years. Once or twice the workshops are convened in a year under the direction of Dr. Vmod Joshi, the Head of Gujarati Dept., Bhavangar University, and a book of poems named Jhanvi is published. The works of Late Shri Kismat Kureshi, Prof. Mehboob Desai, Shri Tansukh Oza, Shri Dan Vaghela, Late Shri Jayendra Trivedi and Shri Radhekant Dave have been published and felicitation functions for many known men of literature are arranged till this date. Inauguration function of many poets' works has been convened, too.


During the year 2007-08 in the context of Shri Manbhai Bhatt Birth Centenary, talk, study, debate, criticism, Mushayaro - Gazal singing - on poet Shri Sundaram, Gujarati Sahitya Parishad sponsored Drama discussion, Sugam Sangeet Sanj, poetry singing in Folk style and Sahityak excursions etc. were arranged as inspring functions.

Sewing Class : 1940 2008

No. of Female trainees  every year : 65  

No. of Male trainees every  year : 75


Before and after the independence it was insisted on self-dependent way of life and made it an inevailable part of the Primary Education. He, too, strongly urged to include women. The Bhavnagar Anand Mangal Mandal following this important hint started Sewing Training. A sewing machine is a blessing tree. Every home must have a Sewing Machine. They put this simple fact in practice. There was no building facility, so they collected empty tin boxes and wooden bamboos or poles to make a shed and began Jyoti Mandal in 1940. Then Shri Manilal C. Bakshi built a separate house for them. Today the Institute has an independent building for Sewing Training with 30 sewing machines.


Sewing Training is not just necessary for employment, but it is a useful art to make life creative, with this idea sewing and embroidery activity developed in 1950. Besides, garments, toys, home decoration articles production raised up the employment level. At the same time training classes for men were also begun in after noon from 3 pm to 5-30 pm where every training is imparted. The ladies are provided guidance by pamphlets for sewing and the widows are given scholarship merit wise. Shri Dhananjaybhai Trivedi, himself handicapped by one hand has been giving training for last 30 years and has helped many young men get equipped with training.


4500 men and women have been fully equipped with sewing training till this day. At present Shrimati Gulab Ba Chauhan is managing the ladies section and Shri Ravibhai Rathod. the gent's section.


In memory of Late Shrimati Liliben R. Dave as well as Parulben A. Dave 500 women receive sewing guidance booklet every year from the fund donated by them, and sewing-embroidery competition is arranged also. During 2007-08 on Shri Mannhai Bhatt Birth Centenary, the skilled craftsmen and workers are aimed with honest efforts to help the Ladys ' Sewing Section for Zari-work, Stitching Embroidery, and guiding the gents for length measurement. the planning of the sewing competition and academic excursion aimed to prepare skilled workers.

Trained Women in Experienced Group Every year - 12

Shri Gijubhai Badheka started Bal-Mandir-Nursery upon the principles of Madam Maria Montessori, the world famous child educationist where Shrimati Monghiben Badheka gave her remarkable contribution, Shri Manbhai Bhatt believed that Child Education is not only for cleanliness and freedom, but child must grow as a great help in the life of parents and the family, so he welcomed the idea of montesary B al Mandir and on Monghiben's insistence and help a Bal-Mandir was started in 1952 in Bhavnagar's Shramik Area, which later on shifted in Shishu Vihar. Shri Premshankar Bhatt returned from Gujarat Vidyapith, Shanti Niketan and Germany accomplished with Child - Education Course, and Shrimati Indiraben Manbhai Bhatt who dedicated her whole life to Shishu Vihar became a co-ordinate in the service. Premshankerbhai looked after everything till he retired.


Fees are nominal but Aurvedic Sour tasting liquid dose in the morning and two times refreshment are served in the Shishu Vihar run Shrimati Monghiben Badheka Bal-Mandir, often the lunch, too is served. Prayers, songs actings and Montesory instruments are used to impart different types of learning. Above this the sports, free movement Baldev Van, sand work and useful help to teachers in teaching process, four teachers besides six women are given Teacher's Training in Bal-Mandir.


On Shri Manbhai Bhatt birth centenary Shishu Vihar on behalf of Institute's Nursery section arranged various progrmmes of child-education, Pre-training, child drama ceremony, Acting Ceremony Experienced group, happy gathering and speeches on child-education during the whole year. More than 800 children, teachers and parents of city's 47 Nursery Schools participated in the programme.


Today the institute has its own building where 135 children are studying.