Teachers Honoured by Respected Bhupendrasinji, Educational Ministerof Gujarat State

Prof. Shree Subhashbhai Maheta:

            Prof. Shree Subhashbhai started educational services at Shishuvihar as a teacher and now he is retired after serving for 34 years at Sir P.P. Institute of Science. But as a true teacher he publishes more than 40 notes on space science in local newspaper every year. He accepts invitation of schools-colleges and senior citizen groups and delivers more than 55 lectures every year. Subhashbhai facilitated planetarium for 6 lakhs children who visit Shishuvihar every year including a booklet explaining space science in a simple language. This service is inspiring for every teacher. It is a proud moment for Shishuvihar that respected educational minister honoursSubhashbhai.

Prof. Dr. Shivaniben Mishra:

            To develop attitude of social services in new generation, Dr. Shivaniben Mishra has been trying hard for years. She is professor at department of social work, Sardar Patel University, Vallabhvidhyanagar. Every year she sends students to the organisations like Shishuvihar and evaluates social value of activities like hemoglobin testing, eye checking, child library, etc. She studies social development of sewing trainees at Shishuvihar since 1940 and publishes it report in international journal. Her attitude towards social activities is an inspiring for other teachers.

Shree Jayshreeben Pandya:

            She joined training class managed by Shishuvihar organisation. She had been serving as a principal at Shishuvihar Balmandir for 32 years starting from 1984. She has been honoured by Sister Nivedita foundation. She is a noble child teacher and she contributed much in the area of child education. The honour of Jayshreeben is the honour of child education.

Educational aids in the inspiring presence of educational minister

            The distribution programme of 5 notebooks, a compass set, a water bag and a pair of shoes to 1700 students of Primary schools managed by Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation on 14th July, 2017 in campus of Shisuvihar.

            In the presence of Mayor of Municipal Corporation Respected Nimuben Bambhniya, Chairman of educational committee Respected Nileshbhai Raval, Vice-Chairman, Members of committee, parents of students and teachers Respected Educational Minister has redeemed calendar which have been prepared for cleanliness by the students. He also encouraged the child painters.

            Then it was a time for Teachers’ Social Responsibility Programme. Prof Shubhashbhai Maheta who guided in development of unprecedented Astro View Centre for children of Bhavnagar city and periodically evaluator of social activities of Shisuvihar Prof. Dr. Shivaniben Mishra, Head of the Department of social work, Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University, Anand were greeted by Education Minister of Gujarat. Also Shri Jayshreeben Pandya who retired after serving Shisuvihar for 32 years was honored by Bhupendrasingh, Educational Minister of Gujarat.

            City Primary Education Committee honored Shisuvihar considering expansion and effectiveness of social activities of Shisuvihar.

            The honorable donors who donated for educational activities were thanked and congratulated for helping the poor children of Shisuvihar by Mayor Shri Nimuben Bambhaniya. The donors were Shri Dhirajlal Dhanak (Nadiyad), Indra Public Charitable Trust (Rajkot), Shri Babulbhai Vohra (Ahmedabad), Late Jyotiben Nalinkant Vora, Late Nalinkant Mukundrai Oza, Shri Jyotiben Girdharbhai Karai (Surat), Neksaatkhan Charitable Trust (Surat), Shri Jyotiben Kapilbhai Pandya (Vadodara), Bhavnagar Friendship Link (London), Shri Krishna Vrundavan Pratishthan (Mumbai), Shri Rajnikant Shantilal Shah (Vadodara), Shri D.M Kabriya (Pune), Shri Shuchitaben Lemaye (Vadodara), Shri Shatishkumar Jayantilal Candarana (Bhavnagar), Shri Madhavji Mavji and Mithibai Mavji Charitable Trust (Mumbai), Shri Jayaba Somani Parivar Trust (Ahmedabad).

            In the programme of Teachers’ Social Responsibility Respected Educational Minister appealed to the teacher for being dutiful and united to work against tendency of privatization of education

            At the end of the programme Chairman of City Primary Educational Committee and member of Shisuvihar family Shri Shaileshbhai Raval thanked all. The programme was anchored by active member of Shisuvihar Budhsabha Shri Suchitaben Kapoor.

            When the programme was over, all the guests of Shisuvihar, Members of City Primary Educational Committee, Respected Mayor visited Baldevvan Knowledge Park with Prof Shubhasbhai Maheta and Shri Kiritbhai Dave. Theywere highly impressed and happy by viewing these facilities. At last all had a buffet.