Computer Training:

Computer Training : Establishment year - 2012

When computer had become a part of life, with the cooperation of Shree Dhirendrabhai Desai Trust, Shishuvihar started computer training centre. Computer basic, M.S. Office, DTP and internet related 12 types of training are given to all those who are eager to learn computer. Children of Gulab Tukadi of Shishuvihar pre-primary school also get basic training of computer. Under this activity, more than 130 trainees and more than 100 children has been given the training of computer.

Publications on life skills

Publications on Life Skills : starting year 1939

Manbhai had a special habit. He himself less educated but he had a great interest in reading so he read newspapers, magazine and several books regularly and marked the text which was ‘Everybody Should Read’. Shishuvihar publishes pamphlets, books etc which is helpful to the society on ‘no profit no loss’ base. In addition to the organization gets expert writer to write many books which is very helpful to the society and publishes them. Manbhai moved on cycle and delivered such books. Unto now more than 254 books and more than 478 pamphlets have been published and distributed in lakhs. The subjects of these are health, education, child nurturing, various training, life skills, life formation, famous personality, poetry, plays, etc. They are also republished.

M. M. R. Vaccination Programme :

Under the vaccines health oriented activists of Shishu Vihar, the children are vaccinated in city’s backward areas in order to reduce the child death caused by diseases and in long run to protect the children from the birth infected defects and sterility as well as to reduce the disease like diphtheria, polio. Social awakening  and acceptance for vaccination, Missiles, Mumps, Rubera Vaccination work has been regularly started from July 2005 in the Sanstha.

To keep the continuity and equality, the children of corporation Anganwadi are given this vaccine by stages.

In this noble work, Shishu VIhar, City corporation health department, Sir T Hospital, Gujarat government child development project, family physicians, Association experts and Nursing Staff and Anganwadi  staff are coordinating for the work of vaccine job, propagation, order and arrangement , evaluation results.

To get this work realized 47 camps were organized in city’s civil hospital and backward areas from Sept. 2005 to Sept. 2008.  18851 children benefited. Commonly this Vaccination project is very costly, but Sanstha’s America settled well wisher Vaishnav Parivar’s donation helped us afford this advantage to those needy free of charge.

The Sanstha has managed to continue such 12 to 15 camps and evolve their results every year. The work  joins on to this day the numbers of Missels, Diphtheria infected Children as well as the child death are found reduced, and no allergic case of vaccination has been noticed. 6085 children were vaccinated in the centenary year.

Best Citizen Awards Teacher, Women Honoured

A society and social values are raised and preserved by the noblest and devoted citizens. The dedicated teachers create and build the duty conscious citizens. Such Men and women deserve reverence and respect. Women power is the essence and a strong base in bringing up of the society and family. These dedicated women, men, citizens and teachers deserve to be honored and reworded. Each one from these three different categories is honoured every year.

Each is awarded a letter of honour, momento  and Rs.5000/- under the Shri. Naranbhai Chauhan Best citizen – Teacher sanman and Late Shri Nandlal Manishanker Pandya Best women sanman function by Sanstha.  16 Best teachers, 5 Best women have been honoured till this date.

During the year 2007-08 on Shri. Manbhai Centenary year , Shri Dharamshibhai Shah as the best teacher, Shri Parulben sheth as the best woman have been rewarded and honoured.

Helping Implement For the Sick and Arogya Ukala Parab

Helping Implement For the Sick and Arogya Ukala Parab from (1960)

Manbhai by small services to the hundreds of thousands of the children coming to play in campus has established his place in the heart of the people of Bhavnagar.

Sickness in a family comes as natural as birth, but sickness for long time and some other serious sickness need some means and instruments unavoidably, like right from walking stick to wheel chair. These instruments are costly and every one can’t afford them. Shishu vihar always gets ready to help such helpless families. At the time of illness, water Bed, water bag, supporting clutch, wheel chair, walker stick , kamod chair, Bed pan, urine pot etc. are made available free of charge in Shishu Vihar.

This aiding means in illness are given on nominal deposits, they are given to be returned in time, so that they do not lie unused in the home, and the other needy sick could have their advantage.

More than 400 needy benefit every year of Sanstha’s regular service run under Shrimati Valima Premjibhai Patel Sickness Helping Implements.

Besides last many years fresh Ukala prepared from health promoting Ayurvedic Material has been made in Shishu Vihar, This ukala is most beneficial to every one sick or healthy.

Bal Mandir Children drink this Ukala every morning with joy. It’s surprising that none drinks it under pressure or compulsion. This Ukala Parab – Ukala drinking centre is open from 5.00 p.m to 6.00 p.m every evening . Till this day 180000 have taken the benefit of Shri Nishithbhai Mehta Arogya Ukala Parab.

Implement for the sick The receivers every year : 327 Arogya Ukala - Every year users more then 35000