Integrated Training Life Education (Scout-Guide) 1954-2008

Scout Guide Activity was started by Shri Baden Powel in London. It was started with a purpose to prepare nation's youth to be healthy, disciplined, full of humanity as to be a proper citizen. It has today sprawled world-wide and became a global event. This activity began as a part of needful and useful training for the under age Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji and other princes in Bhavnagar has expanded today in city's two hundred and fifty schools. Late Shri Prabhashankar Pattani, Shri Anantrai Pattany, Shri Champaklal Trivedi, Shri Shiv Prasad Buch, Shri Ghansyambhai Thakkar and Shri Manbhai Bhatt played the immense role to popularize the activity.

Shishu Vihar Scout Squad attended All India Scout Guide gathering in 1955 at Jaipur and came out with the best Scout Squad Award. After that Shri Vinubhai Chaturvedi, Gunvantbhai Diwakar, Dhirendrabhai Chaturvedi and Indiraben Bhatt got trained for Scout Activity, alligned with Gujarat Scout Sangh and initiated the activity in Shishu Vihar, then is flashed its extraordinary image by the students of Shishu Vihar. Not only that but out of fifteen the eleven Presidents for the first time in Gujarat were from Shishu Vihar. At the National Level Program the Shishu Vihar Group represented the state and received number of Awards.

More than 20 students of the Institute achieved State Awards and 13 Scouts were honoured with President Scout Rank. Usually every Saturday or Sunday is a Scout Day. The proper regular training is accorded on that day. Today this activity is efficiently run under the proper guidance of Shri Harishbhai Bhatt and Ajaybhai Bhatt. 8500 Children of 85 Bhavnagar District Schools are connected in the all round education training with kind cooperation of Shri Ur-Asha Zaveri Foundation Trust and Excel Crop Care during Shri Manbhai Bhatt centenary year, that time 500 selected Scout Guides were invited for staging 12 programmes in Shishu Vihar Campus to be alligned with life building education.

Monghiben Badheka Balmandir

Bal Mandir running on Montessori Principles which teach cleanliness and self sufficiency was started in Shishuvihar in 1952. There are qualified and experienced principal and trained teaching staff. Children are given fresh and nourishing snacks twice a day. Prayers, songs, acting, earth-work etc. are conducted with the help of Montessori equipments and gadgets. About 100 children are studying here. 

Toy House and Library for Children : Started in 1984. This centre has got ample number of selected toys and picture story books useful in the development of a child. Daily in the evening this remains open for children. They play here and also take toys to their home with a nominal deposit amount of Rs.50 per month.

Ukala Parab :

For last few years Ukala, (ayurvedic and herbal spices boiled in water) are offered as preventive curative drink daily to all. Till now about 80,000 persons have taken benefit of this.

MMR Vaccination Camps:

Shishuvihar undertook the project of MMR (Measles, Mumpa and Rubella) vaccination with the noble cause of reducing infant mortality rate in Bhavnagar Urban and Rural areas. The whole project from Idea to Implementation was coordinated by Shishuvihar more than 20,000 Children are given M.M.R. vaccination in 50 camps since September 2005 to September 2008. These camps are conducted very effectively with the help from doctors and nursing staff from and Staff from Anganwadi kendras of Bhavnagar corporation.

Prabhu Krupa Netra Yagnas, Eye-Operations and Spectacle Distribution :

This noble activity started in 1967. So far more than 158 Yagnas are conducted where patients are examined, given medicines and advice for the eye-care and whenever required appropriate operations are performed by qualified doctors at Virnagar Eye Hospital of Shivanand Mission. By now about 10622 catract operations are performed and 71811 men-women were examined for eye problems and provided required medicines and guidance. 

Also every month, in backward areas and schools, eye examination camps are organized with the help of an expert and for eye-sight problems spectacle numbers are checked and required spectacles are distributed free of charge. Every month about 100-125 person take benefit of these Yagna.